Flagging releases and tracks

Some users will flag releases or tracks to temporarily mark them for later use. 

Flagging a release

Hover over a release album image then click on the flag icon. 

All of the tracks in that release will be added to the Flagged window. 

You can also flag a release by right-clicking on a release and choosing Flag from the popup menu.

Flagging an individual track

To flag an individual track, open up the release by clicking on the album, then click on Track List. Hover over the individual track you wish to flag and click on the flag icon beside it. 

Examining flagged releases

To see the releases or tracks you have flagged, click on the Flagged tab in the main UI. The main window will now show all of the tracks you flagged. 

Within the flagged window you can play, download, add to your playlist, or remove any track. Hover over the track row to reveal these buttons.

Writing notes

In each track row there is a short field for you to add your own notes. Just click in the text field and type in it. 

Getting release info 

You can click on any track row to bring up the release info for that track.

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