Downloading tracks from the Player

Tracks made available in the Player may have download rights so that you can save them locally and play them back off-line. This is different from Exporting where you can change the format of selected files to ones compatible with your own music scheduling or programming system. 

Downloading all the tracks from a release from Available Tracks

From the Available Tracks window:

  1. Hover over a release
  2. Click on the Download down arrow icon

    All the tracks from that release will download to your computer. 

Downloading individual tracks

To download individual tracks from a release:

  1. Click on the album graphic to open up the Release info
  2. Click on Track List
  3. Hover over the individual track you wish to download
  4. Click the download down arrow icon

Changing the default file format 

When you first sign into your player you are prompted to select the default audio file format you want for all downloads (in Export you can change the export file format independent of download file format). 

Without signing out, you can change this in the preferences of your account. 

  1. Click My Account  on the right side of the interface
  2. In Player & Download Settings, click the Preferred Download Format dropdown and select your preferred format

  • The dropdown for Alternate Download Format is there to select a secondary format that you can also use if the first one was not provided by the release creator.
  • Default download bitrate is adjustable so that you can change the default quality level
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