Viewing Release Information

The release reactors will package additional information about the release including album info, lyrics, promotional content and other metadata that you may need. 

To access this information, simply click on the album graphics or title of the release. 

A popup will appear with various tabs organizing the release information. 

Tip: The popup is resizable. Grab the bottom right corner and drag it to reveal more of the Release Info window.

The Track List

For releases that contain multiple tracks such as albums or compliations, click on the Track List tab to show these tracks in order with track time and publishing information. 

Album info

The Album info tab contains promo info that the release creator has included. 

Additional info

The Additional info tab has space for any other text or lyrics accompanying the release. 

Contact info

Email or phone contact information is contained here so that you can reach out to the promoter.


This tab contains ordered track information suitable for printing or importation into a spreadsheet. Clicking Print or Export will create the suitable formats. 


Clicking on the megaphone icon will open up a simple form where you can send feedback to the release owner. 

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